Pek Moh makes SD shock to voters - if elected, to resign in two years if ...

Syed Razak's supporters and campaign workers getting emotional in the midst of the press conference.

Pek Moh makes SD shock to voters - if elected, to resign in two years if ... (VIDEO1: Pek Moh's SD pledge to Bukit Lanjan voters) (VIDEO2: Syed Razak a.k.a Pek Moh Bukit Lanjan's shocking statutory declaration to voters)

Barisan Nasional-Gerakan candidate for N.37 Bukit Lanjan Syed Abdul Razak Alsagoff has made a statutory declaration (SD) to make good his electoral pledges to his 64,217 registered voters.

“If I am elected as their assemblyman, I will sincerely do my best, without fear or favour, to fulfil my electoral campaign slogan - Let Bukit Lanjan soar: Vote for a safer, cleaner and united community.

“If, within two years or 730 days upon my swearing-in as your elected representative, I do not achieve a 51% approval and satisfaction of my (registered) electorates, I will resign to make way for a new person to be elected,” the Gerakan Deputy Speaker told a media conference this evening (April 28).

He said he would commission a poll, to be conducted by a non-political and independent pollster, to determine “my political fate with my voters”.

“I think it is only right and fair to the voters for me to go back to them to find out if they are happy with my services as their assemblyman without having to wait for the full term.

“I do not fear being rejected or sacked by the voters. They are the ones who elected me and I must submit my report card.

“If I am sincere, dedicated and committed to help raise the quality of life of the Bukit Lanjan folks, what’s there to fear facing my electorates.

“I am making a serious promise to Bukit Lanjan voters. In fact, this motivates me, and gives me no room to play political hanky-panky. It is straight to work everyday, seven days a week. I will hit the ground running,” he added.

At the press conference, Syed Razak a.k.a Pek Moh (white hair) of Bukit Lanjan, even shocked his campaign workers and supporters with his SD which he kept to himself.

His supporters urged him to withdraw his SD, saying that it was too short a time to let the voters to fairly judge his performance.

“Sorry, I hope we all work hard for a win. I am confident of delivering what I have set out to do for Bukit Lanjan because it is realistically doable.

"I am a person who say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I will be serving my constituents with dedication to the service of Bukit Lanjan folks,” he added.

In a way, Syed Razak has set electoral history as a first Malaysian politician to commit political commitment of integrity in legal writing.

View the above video clip of the media conference and this is the SD:

 A simple Chinese translation of Syed Razak’s SD:



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