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To have any chance to save Gerakan, kick out those lousy fellas on the cai dan (menu)

Useless warlords in party a "deadly" hindrance to political revival
To have any chance to save Gerakan, kick out those lousy fellas on the cai dan (menu)
A lot of has been politicians/warlords in the party still like to ‘control’ people and determine the outcome of our national party elections!

They like to label people as ‘not team player’ etc and play ‘cai dan’ list. They know who they are and keep on repeating that their preferred President’s list is complete and multi-racial bla bla bla.

In fact after 2008 GE they should have bowed out and allowed the party to leave BN and today 2018 would have been a different story!

But to be fair not all warlords are bad, and they have good intentions for the interest of the party!*

But in the 2018 NDC where Gerakan have been totally decimated and out of BN without representation in Putrajaya, without coucillors in local government and even without medals and pingat to give out some persistent useless ‘warlords’ still wanna play ‘God’ and t…