Rakyat’s loyalty must be to Malaysia!

 Rakyat’s loyalty must be to Malaysia!

https://youtu.be/nVjvTJ6sEEc (VIDEO) Treasure the spirit of Merdeka!

As we celebrate 60 years of Merdeka (Independence), Malaysians must renew their vow to be loyal to their country, Malaysia.

Whether Merdeka was secured from the colonial British Empire in 1957 during Malaya or Malaysia, we are all today Malaysians.

The rakyat must, therefore, vow to love and to be loyal to Malaysia and defend the country from any harm.

We must be Malaysian First because multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia can only grow stronger and stronger economically in a peaceful, harmonious and united environment.

We must treasure, defend and protect national unity and harmony to ensure a progressive and bright future for generations of Malaysians.

A visual of banners put up in strategic locations in N.37 Bukit Lanjan
However, racial and religious extremism and intolerance have for the past decade been fanned by individuals and organisations, now seriously threatening national unity and harmony.

The only way for Malaysians to defend their country from harms way is to reject all individuals and organisations that promote both racial and religious extremism.

Malaysians can unite against such anti-nationals, individuals and organisations, by rejecting them socially and politically.

Malaysia’s 14th General Election (GE14) must be held within a year or by 2nd half of next year.

Political tensions will naturally run high and Malaysians must monitor the words of extremists (individuals and organisations) and make informed decisions to reject them all for Malaysia.

Never let extremists become the majority of decision-makers or Malaysians and Malaysia will be destroyed.

After six decades of Merdeka, we must be proud to proclaim ourselves as Malaysian First!

Happy Merdeka Day! May God bless Malaysians and Malaysia many more decades of freedom and independence.



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